what we offer

Legal matters involving both local and international law.

We take great pride in our diverse team of Ugandan lawyers and other international legal experts.

Construction Law

our particular expertise is in the interpretation of Construction and Civil Engineering Contracts based on forms of contract in common use in the industry such as the World Bank (and African Development Bank) SBD for works Smaller Contracts, the EU Form for Works financed by the EDF and FIDIC.

Our practice niche since1994 is providing contentious and continuous non-contentious legal advice on Civil Engineering Construction (Road and Infrastructure)Projects. We have been engaged in various projects including advice on construction procurement such as designing a procurement framework and construction contract, advising on the procurement of Passenger Boarding Bridges for an International Airport, advising on procurement issues and preparation and negotiation of consultancy (design and supervision) and the construction contracts for redevelopment of an airport, supporting the preparation and advising on Tender Documents and Construction Contracts and numerous Road construction projects.

We also offer contract legal advice, expertise, and support for contract delivery, contract administration and management, regulatory compliance, performance and enforceability of contracts and ancillary agreements, limitation and management of liability under contracts, and interpretation of terms/contract provisions. High-level experience in this area includes providing legal expertise, negotiation, support, and interpretation of contracts to the Uganda Ministry of Finance on a Contract for the Supply, Installation, and Implementation of the Integrated Financial Management System [IFMS] (Pilot and Roll-out phases) financed by the World Bank.